Enhance your lymph flow...


  • LymphEsthetics™

    helps stagnant lymph fluid to move toward the lymph nodes.

    Pain-free. Non-invasive. Safe.

  • Jump-Start your weight loss plan!

    Speed up muscle recovery! Resolve love handles, muffin top, saddlebag thighs, and double chin!


With LymphEsthetics, you are on the path to scientific, practical, and safe approach to regaining your health and beauty. Our goal is to help your body heal and restore it to its prior functional level so that you can begin to feel well and beautiful once again.

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LymphEsthetics™ is a synergy of non-invasive and clinically researched physical treatments that enhance the natural patency and efficiency of the lymphatic system to promote health and prolong wellness.

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LymphEsthetics Circuit™

offers customized treatment protocols that best serve your needs:
Women's Health and Beauty protocol
Men's Healthy Body protocol
Healthy Senior protocol
Therapeutic protocol: Pre- and Post-surgery, scar softening due to burns and injuries

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Clinical Studies

There is an increase in blood circulation by 400% after a treatment that lasts up to 6 hours and 300% increase in lymphatic flow that lasts up to 3 hours. (The Physiological Effects of Endermologie: A Preliminary Report by Watson, J. and Fodor, P. UCLA School of Medicine, 1999).

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